Modifying Settings - WebAPI

Last Updated: Jun 02, 2014 12:01PM PDT

The base parameter for settings is ?action=getsettings. Using this parameter by itself will give a list of settings in the following format:

	"build": BUILD NUMBER (integer),
	"settings": [
	OPTION NAME (string),
	TYPE* (integer),
	VALUE (string)	],

OPTION NAME is the name of the setting. They are not listed here, as some of the settings (particularly advanced ones) vary with each version and most are self-explanatory. However, a near-complete list for 1.8.2 is given here for your perusal.

* TYPE: The TYPE is an integer value that indicates what type of data is enclosed within the VALUE string. The following is a list of the possible TYPEs and what VALUE type it corresponds to:

  • 0 = Integer
  • 1 = Boolean
  • 2 = String

To change settings, the following URI can be used: http://[IP]:[PORT]/gui/?action=setsetting&s=[SETTING]&v=[VALUE]

Multiple settings can be changed in a single request by chaining together s= and v= in the URI. s= defines the setting and v= is the value for the s= immediately preceding it.

For example, to set the global upload cap to 10KiB/s and the global download cap to 40KiB/s, you would request this URI: http://[IP]:[PORT]/gui/?action=setsetting&s=max_ul_rate&v=10&s=max_dl_rate&v=40

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