Files List - WebAPI

Last Updated: Jun 02, 2014 12:01PM PDT

To get the list of files in a torrent job, request this URI: http://[IP]:[PORT]/gui/?action=getfiles&hash=[TORRENT HASH] . This will return the following:

	"build": BUILD NUMBER (integer),
	"files": [
	HASH (string),
	FILE NAME (string),
	FILE SIZE (integer in bytes),
	DOWNLOADED (integer in bytes),
	PRIORITY* (integer)	],

* PRIORITY: This is an integer value that indicates the file's priority. The following is a list of the possible PRIORITY values and what each corresponds to:

  • 0 = Don't Download
  • 1 = Low Priority
  • 2 = Normal Priority
  • 3 = High Priority

This command accepts multiple hashes. It will return multiple "files" key/value pairs.

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