Torrent Job Properties - WebAPI

Last Updated: Jun 02, 2014 12:01PM PDT

To get a list of the various properties for a torrent job, request http://[IP]:[PORT]/gui/?action=getprops&hash=[TORRENT HASH] . This will return the following:

	"build": BUILD NUMBER (integer),
	"props": [
	"hash": HASH (string),
	"trackers": TRACKERS* (string),
	"ulrate": UPLOAD LIMIT (integer in bytes per second),
	"dlrate": DOWNLOAD LIMIT (integer in bytes per second),
	"superseed": INITIAL SEEDING** (integer),
	"dht": USE DHT** (integer),
	"pex": USE PEX** (integer),
	"seed_override": OVERRIDE QUEUEING** (integer),
	"seed_ratio": SEED RATIO (integer in per mils),
	"seed_time": SEEDING TIME*** (integer in seconds),
	"ulslots": UPLOAD SLOTS (integer)	}

* TRACKER: This is a list of the trackers used by the torrent job. Each newline is represented by a carriage return followed by a newline (\r\n).

** INITIAL SEEDING/USE DHT/USE PEX/OVERRIDE QUEUEING: These options are all integer values that indicate their respective states. The following is a list of the possible values and what each corresponds to:

  • -1 = Not allowed
  • 0 = Disabled
  • 1 = Enabled

*** SEEDING TIME: This is an integer representing the minimum amount of time (in seconds) that BitTorrent should continue to seed after it has finished downloading the torrent. A value of 0 (zero) means no minimum seeding time.

To change the properties for a torrent, the following URI can be used: http://[IP]:[PORT]/gui/?action=setprops&hash=[TORRENT HASH]&s=[PROPERTY]&v=[VALUE]

Multiple properties can be changed at once by appending more s= and v= pairs. Multiple torrent jobs can be modified in a single request by appending another hash= value along with its s= and v= pairs. Any following s= and v= pairs will modify the properties of the last specified hash.

For example, to set an upload rate limit of 10 KiB/s and a download rate of 20 KiB/s for [TORRENT HASH 1], while simultaneously setting 4 upload slots for [TORRENT HASH 2], request the following URI: http://[IP]:[PORT]/gui/?action=setprops&hash=[TORRENT HASH 1]&s=ulrate&v=10240&s=dlrate&v=20480&hash=[TORRENT HASH 2]&s=ulslots&v=4

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