How do I set up µTorrent Remote?

Last Updated: Jan 25, 2016 04:53PM PST


 What is µTorrent Remote?

 µTorrent Remote is a simple way to access µTorrent from anywhere, using your mobile phone.  Just create an account and you are done.

How do you create an account?

You must create an account from within the µTorrent Client on your Mac or PC.

If you do not have µTorrent, then visit:

First, open up your options menu by going to options > preferences (on a PC)

or µTorrent > preferences (on a Mac)

Then, navigate to "Remote" and click the box to "Enable µTorrent Remote Access"

Choose a unique computer name and password.  Click the "Sign-in" button.  After a few seconds you should see:  "Status:  Accessible".

And that's it!  Now sign in on µTorrent Remote (either the web interface, or the Android app) using the username and password you just created.

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