Access Videos:

Play is a new product that allows you to view your own media on your own devices. Let’s say you have a lot of movie videos stored on your computer at home. With Play, you can add all those videos to Play for Windows. After you install Play for iOS or Android, you will need to connect to Play for Windows. After you connect, you can watch all those videos from the convenience of your smartphone or tablet. It’s a great way to access your library of videos from any device in your household. 

File Format Headache:

You may have some videos in a format that your mobile device doesn’t format. Instead of spending time converting that file in to a format for your smartphone, Play automatically converts your video so you can watch it instantly - no hassle and saves you time!

View Offline:

Another great use for Play is you can view videos offline on your mobile device. You can transfer videos from your home computer to your mobile device so you can view those videos without a internet connection.